Sorry I Have Been so MIA

Sorry I have been so MIA lately. In between finding a new job, rebreaking up with my pseudo ex-ex-current ex boyfriend, and making bad/semi-responsible decisions it has been hard to find the time to update my tumblr.

I have been thinking a lot about moving away from San Francisco for the obvious reasons, but I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to do it…which brings me to the worry that I might be here forever. Can I be here forever? What the fuck would I do here forever? What the fuck would I fuck here forever? Do you understand the LIMITATIONS women have in this city? It’s sort of crazy…..for every one attractive guy who actually has 60%+ of his shit together there are a thousand really great ladies with good style who have 70%+ of their shit together. It’s not fair here in my age bracket…so many of us women have to settle for some dude who is just AND I QUOTE (from more than one dude) “hanging out”. aren’t going to school? No. You aren’t working? No….I’m on unemployment. For how long have you been on unemployment for? A year….WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU DO HERE? I tag sometimes…hang out at the park. WOT? Ugh it makes my stomach hurt just thinking about the awful, awful scum single ladies have to deal with in this city…which is why I think so many of them hold on to the assholes that they meet just because they are better than that other asshole who’s just hanging out. 

I wish it was easy for me to parade my shit around the city, but I guess I have morals now or something…ugh morals..fucking up my old school Kyra steeze and making me a bitter ass broad.